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New PhD project, starting 2018!

I am seeking a PhD student to join an interdisciplinary project involving thermal adaptations, colour, near-infrared reflectance properties, and nano-structures in beetles.

This project will characterise near-infrared variation in leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) and reveal its adaptive significance using experimental approaches. The project will also reveal how the nano-scale architectures of beetle cuticles control UV-visible and near-infrared light, enabling them to balance camouflage, communication and thermal requirements. Discovery of nano-structures to manipulate near-infrared light has exciting potential biomimetic applications.

I am particularly keen to recruit students with a background or interest in the interface between biology and optical physics.

To apply, please send A) A brief letter outlining your research interests; B) a CV, C) your academic transcript/grades, D) contact details of two referees (including a previous research supervisor).

Further information is available here, but for questions, and to submit applications, please contact Devi Stuart-Fox (