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Posts from the ‘Lab news’ Category

Colombia to Melbourne. For beetles. Why?

Laura has been lured to our lab by the prospect of studying beetles, but what's the fascination?

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We try Sciku, the science haiku

Inspired by a recent article published in Science, our lab decided to try to communicate our research through poetry.

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Why am I here? A tale by Megan Skarajew

Veterinary nursing student Megan Skarajew helped with 5 weeks of tawny breeding season, and put her research skills to work for us.

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Exploring the unseen

Does the colour of a bird matter for its thermoregulation? Darker colours gain more heat than lighter ones, but with thick plumage and other thermal adaptations, does a bird feel the difference?

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What does the bee see?

How can miniature brains process complex visual information? In the case of the honey bee, there is much more than meets the eye!

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