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We try Sciku, the science haiku


As an exercise in science communication and something of a creative outlet for our various research projects, we embraced this article recently published in Science. A lot of fun, and surprisingly addictive, here we present some of the best “sciku” (science haiku) we produced, granted some are slightly more profound than others:





Science, a firefly
It lights up the world, sometimes
Always a glimmer.

Devi Stuart-Fox




DNA reveals
The complex tale of two groups
Of vibrant lizards.

Caroline Dong


A flower’s crisis:
Are brighter colours better
When dressing for bees?

Fluorescent colours,
Appear bright to human eyes,
Not so bright for bees

Inside the dark hive,
Bees speak in waggle dances
Don’t need google maps.

Bee experiments
Are basically just praying
That the bee comes back.

Leslie Ng



Tawnies are coloured
But not when they are stressed

Agamids have red
What pigmentary driver?
It’s drosopterin.

Katrina Rankin






Nature architect,
Building house with network silk,
Home for host and thief.

Po Peng

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